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Asante sana: Thank you Kenya

This will be my last update from Kenya. It’s almost time to say good bye and go home. Normally I don’t write in English. And that’s for a reason. My English isn’t flawless (so forgive me my mistakes). But for once I will make an exception.

Not Dutch but English it is this time. Because in the last 3 weeks I met so many nice people from all over the world. And now they will be able to read this blog. If they even want to ;-). They should, because it’s a big thank you actually.

In the last 3 weeks I get to know Kenya for a little. Although I saw only a small part of the country. Besides that I stayed in two fancy places. The High Altitude training Centre and Kilima Resort. I really loved it but a critic would say that I didn’t see the real Kenya. Which is probably true.

On the other hand, when I was running around Iten, I saw and met a lot of Kenyans. They impressed me with their kindness. Always smiling, waving or greeting and telling me the way when I seemed a bit lost.

When I visited the market of Iten somebody shouted: Mzungu Welcome to the Market! It was funny and I felt that everybody likes it that a white woman came to the market. I was a curiosity. But in a nice way.

The Kenyan staff of the High Altitude training centre is amazing. So kind, funny and positive. The guest of the High Altitude training centre were amazing to. Most of them are elite runners and it’s inspiring to be around them.

The Kilima Resort of Koen and Florence is just perfect. The view at this place is amazing. Photos can’t capture the beauty and words can’t describe it.

Last week I felt so sad about the terrorist attacks in Brussels and all other terrible things that are happening in our world. It’s so depressing that violent and wars will go on and on. We can imagine that all the people living in peace. But we will never be able to reach it.

My visit to Kenya gave me hope though.

I’m so glad that I was in Kenya where I met so many people with a good heart. Where nature is unbelievable pretty. Where I felt save and welcome. And where I could run.

To Kenya and all the people I met in the last weeks: Asante sana!

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